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About Us

With our venture slogan - "Better than Best", KYMCO is officially announcing to the world of our missions in presenting KYMCO's finest power-driven products and technical service, in activating human's vivacity, and in allowing the internationally-famed KYMCO tolead you into a convenient, safe, leisurely, and entertaining world of power and dynamism.

Enterprise Missions

Global Supplier of Power-Driven Products Taking the global market into consideration, KYMCO has expanded its enterprise mission and category in 2001 through research, development, and sale strategies, in providing our customers with a safe, stable, high-performance, and highly efficient power device and other series of conformed products, complemented with accessories and additional peripheral products, technologies, and services.Our chief goal is to satisfy our customer's desire and need in safety, convenience, and entertainment.

Product Development Strategies

KYMCO has set out in 2001 to expand and develop other related products than the bicycles, of which the initial targets were the OEM and ODM, and has also, in the same year, altered the mode of business in officially operating other business in power-driven products.In considering the global outlay, different strategic approaches in deployed accordingly to the various categories and regions.

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